Discount Subscriptions

Are you someone who doesn't need to have usenet access 24 hours a day? Then our discounted packages might be something for you. You will receive access to our servers during the quiet hours, with this you do not burden our network during peak hours and in return you pay a more favorable price. Discount packages are able to connect between 0:00 and 16:00 (Amsterdam timezone), so you can use our servers 16 hours a day. And that while you are paying only a fraction of the price for your usenet package.
99,7% complete on average
99,7% complete on average
Our server parks have triple redundancy, which means that all data is present at various locations. In this way, we ensure that the data is available, always and everywhere (99.7%).
Free SSL with every package
Free SSL with every package
By default you have the option with every package, to download via SSL. This means that everything you download is encrypted: the data exchange between your internet connection and our news servers is secure.
Unlimited downloads, account sharing allowed
Unlimited downloads, account sharing allowed
You can download as much as you want with your account, we do not work with data limits. You are also allowed to share your account with, for example, your neighbor, a good friend, an acquaintance or whoever you decide to share your account with.
days retention.

Users upload over 10,000 gigabytes of data to usenet every day. The retention of more than 3,000 days on Usenet.Pro, ensures that the data of more than 8 years is present on our servers.

Our retention grows every day, and we continually optimize our servers to provide you with the fastest connections of up to 300mbit. Usenet.Pro comes with: SSL connections, the ability to share your account and unlimited downloads. All as standard.

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