Earn money while promoting the leading provider Usenet, by joining the Usenet.Pro Affiliate Program. You can start earning money by promotion Usenet.Pro on your blog, website or simply by introducing it to your friends and family, if you have a great number of them.

How does the affiliate program work?

You will be supplied with a wide variety of textual links and banners, when you join our affiliate program. These links and banners can be placed on your blog, Facebook page, website or Twitter page. You could use the promotional material in a signature on a private board or forum as well. When someone clicks on these personal links or banners they will be taken to our website where their activity is tracked. On every completed order that has been placed by this person, you will earn a lifetime commission. On regular orders the commission is 20% and on orders placed with promo coupons the commission is 10%. 

All this activity can be tracked in your personalised backend. You can track the users that have clicked on your personal links or banners in this backend. Multiple banners are supported in our system, which means that we track the activity per link or banner. By doing this you can keep track of the different links or banners that you have placed around the web. You can view every banner’s unique statistics. A lot of details are given, in order for you to create the most turnover for yourself.

Once you’ve earned a minimum € 100,00, you can request a payment. Payments are made through Bitcoin or WireTransfer.

Join our affiliate program now

Why would you join?

Commissions: For every order that has been placed in our system by users you bring in, you will get up to 20% lifetime commissions 

Affiliate Backend: You will get access to a personal affiliate backend where you can track clicks, earnings, views, and many more statistics.

Customised Promotional Material: you can use our promotional material on your blog or website. We have more than enough material available.

Support: You will be appointed an account manager. We even have people available who speak multiple languages in order to support you or help you with creating promotion material in your own language.

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American Express
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