For Usenet.Pro the handling of the personal data of its users is of great importance.

Regarding the processing of such information Usenet.Pro will capture some user data in a file in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This is necessary to use this portion of data for the site and maintaining the contractual relationship between the user and Usenet.Pro.

Before a user can use a particular part of the site, permission will be sought for the capture and use of data for this part. By giving the user access permission to use a part of the site. By authorizing for the use of the data for a particular component, the user also allows for reuse of data for that component. If the user has given consent Usenet.Pro may use this personal data under this authorization.

By giving consent Usenet.Pro may:

1. Use the data or a combination of the data per the agreement between the user and Usenet.Pro to conduct the use of the website.

2. Contact users about offers, discounts, new developments and additional services offered by Usenet.Pro.

3. Use the data, excluding telephoning users, in relation to the establishment or maintenance of a direct relationship between Usenet.Pro and contact the user with a view to recruitment for commercial or charitable goals.

Third Parties

Usenet.Pro will NEVER, without your consent, release, sell or lease your information to other parties.


Cookies are text files that the browser "remembers" and at the request of the website saves on your PC. Using the cookie, in the function of a reminder, the website can remember certain information that does not need to be re-typed. In one place the cookie is only for Usenet.Pro and contains meaningless information, this information (eg. numbers) does not violate private data and is only applicable to the Usenet.Pro website.


If Usenet.Pro changes its privacy policy and security information you will be notified. Changes in this regard will be expressed on this page. If we update this policy than we will draw your attention through hyperlinks. This way you always have the opportunity to follow our policy regarding "information".

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